More than 150 years of experience with tugboats

Today, the BUGSIER shipping company is one of the traditional sights to be seen in many German seaports. Especially in Hamburg and Bremerhaven we have become part of the classical harbour panorama with our tugs. With the largest tugboat fleet under the German flag, we have carried out countless harbour jobs along the entire German coast over the past 150 years. As part of the FAIRPLAY Group, we offer flexible towage on the high seas and ship assistance services throughout the North European coastal region.

With our high-performance tugs we have been working for decades for the European oil and gas industry and the offshore wind energy market. Our shipping company enjoys the highest international reputation due to the projects which it has successfully carried out around the world.

We rely on innovative technology without neglecting the classic maritime techniques. Be it our lifting ships the Endurance and the Energy, which were involved in clearing the Suez Canal, or our legendary ocean-going tugs the Arctic and the Oceanic. Our shipping company designed and operates the world’s most modern emergency tugboat, the Nordic, which went into service in 2011. The ship has been chartered by the German government until 2021 and ensures the safety of the German Bight.

Our operations

From offshore operations to mooring services

Deep Sea Towage (Long Distance) 

With our many years of experience we move oil drilling platforms, tow your docks and also lifting platforms for offshore wind energy. There are 5 offshore tugs and 9 sea-going tugs available for this purpose. All sail under German flag with German-speaking crews.

Coastal towage 

We bring your ships safely from A to B. Many of our powerful tugs are equipped for coastal towing. BUGSIER, as part of the FAIRPLAY Group, is involved in the transport of goods over Europe’s entire coastline.

Ocean-going ship assistance  

Together with the FAIRPLAY fleet, we assist ships in the ports of Hamburg, Wedel, Stade-Bützfleth, Brunsbüttel, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremen, Brake, Nordenham, Wilhelmshaven, Rostock and Wismar. Of course our service is available around the clock. Our fleet can be flexibly deployed in large and small harbours.


Safety along the German coast: Our fleet will be on the spot within a very short time to help ships in distress. We have built up our know-how in numerous salvage operations.


Mooring service 

With our BUGSIER Mooring Service we moor you safely in harbour. In the Bremerhaven port area, 30 experienced dockers as well as 11 mooring trucks and telescopic cranes are at your disposal for efficient handling.