Towage services worldwide

Harbour tugboat assistance

With a fleet of tugs with various types of propulsion, FAIRPLAY can offer the right tug for assistance in any location. FAIRPLAY tugboats are in operation in Hamburg, the Elbe ports of Wedel and Stade, the Baltic ports of Rostock, Wismar, Stralsund, Wolgast, Mukran/Sassnitz, Lubmin, the Benelux ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the Polish ports of Szczecin, Świnoujście and Gdynia. We can bring the tugs to your desired location quickly, reliably and flexibly – Please get in touch with us!

Coastal towage

Many FAIRPLAY tugs are equipped for coastal towage. Our modern fleet is involved in towage and transport in the European coastal area.

High sea towage

For decades FAIRPLAY has been operating ocean-going tugs with high bollard pull in worldwide service. With our global experience we are a competent partner for your international projects.

Offshore service

The various tugs in the FAIRPLAY fleet have been working in the offshore sector for many years. This service includes the relocation of oil drilling platforms and the towing of docks. We also confidently handle the towing of lifting platforms for offshore wind energy systems.

Pontoon transport

FAIRPLAY has stationed pusher boats in Polish ports to be able to move pontoons and other vessels. These pusher boats work regularly on various maritime building sites in Świnoujście and Szczecin. Due to their very low draught of only 1.20 metres, these 770 hp vessels can also work in very shallow water.


Help for ships in distress always has top priority. This prevents injury to people, and damage to ships or cargo, but also prevents damage to the environment. With our fleet stationed on the German coast and in other Northern European ports, we can provide assistance within the shortest possible time. We have acquired our know-how in numerous salvage operations all over the world.

Coastal protection

FAIRPLAY is a founding member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Küstenschutz coastal protection group which was set up in September 2001 in Germany. Currently, the group provides the German government with three of the most modern emergency tugboats. Their task is to help ships in distress and to prevent damage to the environment. The FAIRPLAY shipping company’s FAIRPLAY-25 tug is stationed in Sassnitz in the Baltic Sea.