Our operations

Dockyard work with know-how

Construction of new ships

The THEODOR BUSCHMANN shipyard offers the construction of the following types of ships:

  • Tugboats and launches
  • Pontoons and transport barges
  • Jack-up barges
  • LNG bunker barges and floating LNG refuelling stations
  • Ferries to transport passengers and vehicles
  • Working and official ships such as pilot boats etc.
  • Other types of ship on request

Ship modifications

During our over 125 years of dockyard work, we have converted a wide range of ship types, from barges and harbour tugs to tankers, container ships and cruise liners. We can also install treatment systems for you, for mobile ballast water (in accordance with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) conventions). What can we do for you? Get in contact with us! Sprechen Sie uns an!


Ship repairs

Whether rudder damage, steel work or complete overhaul, at THEODOR BUSCHMANN we repair your ships efficiently, promptly and to a high quality. At our yard we can carry out all of the repair services and metalwork to be expected at dockyards. We are at your side 24/7 with competent advice, inspection services and energy.

  • Ferries to transport passengers and vehicles
  • Harbour tugs
  • Fishery research and official ships
  • Historic ships


In-harbour repairs (worldwide)

Wherever in the world your ship needs high-quality repair, we can be at your side. Naturally, we take local conditions into account in this. In consultation with you we can carry out any imaginable ship repairs above and below the waterline. We make every effort to carry out all necessary repairs while the ship is in harbour. Should this not be possible, our specialized riding squad team will travel on board until the work has been successfully completed.

  • Steel work: including damage caused by unloading and loading operations to container cell guides, gangways, hatch covers, railings, loading cranes and damage (holes) caused by grabs in the tank roof during bulk cargo operations.
  • Metalwork: including repairs to deck machinery, anchors/mooring winches, anchor chains, loading gear and gangways
  • Work on bow thrusters, shaft seals and propellers (in cooperation with the OEM concerned)
  • Replacement and repair of anchors and chains (high mobility due to the dockyard’s own launches and pontoons)
  • Change of ship names and logos, application of IMO number
  • Trimming of the vessel at anchor in a roadstead or in the harbour
  • Repairs below the waterline in cooperation with professional and certified internationally operating industrial diving companies.


Repairs when underway (worldwide)

The THEODOR BUSCHMANN dockyard has maintained mobile repair teams for many decades. As soon as we receive a request for an underway repair, we set everything in motion to organize the necessary work. Our riding squad teams for emergency repairs can be deployed flexibly and at short notice anywhere in the world. We have extensive expertise in this area.

Repairs underway by our riding squad team (for example):

In addition to the dockyard’s own mobile repair team, we use an international network of subcontractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In addition to underwater inspections, our dockyard also offers underwater repairs on the outer hull, propellers and rudders. Within a very short time we can be ready to carry out even seemingly impossible repairs worldwide.


Steel construction and maritime engineering

  • Stahlarbeiten und -reparaturen jeglicher Art
  • Steel work and all types of repair
  • Production of sections for large shipyards
  • Production of hulls for other shipyards
  • Production and installation of pipe constructions
  • Overall design of water-side transhipment facilities for feed, grain, etc.
  • Production of onshore and offshore steel constructions according to DIN 18800
  • Construction, modification and repair of maritime engineering equipment such as dredgers, pile drivers and jack-up platforms
  • Repairs to harbour facilities and floating jetties
  • Repairs of bridge structures