Our dockyard in Hamburg

Our certified dockyard has modern, well maintained shipyard facilities in the south of Hamburg, which can be used for a variety of purposes. The on-shore team is committed and competent and is ready to help with words and deeds. You are welcome to get in contact with us!

We can offer you the following infrastructure on our premises:

  • Slipways: 5 slipways up to 65 metres long and with a permissible load of 450 tonnes
  • Fitting-out quay: 120 metres, water depth: 4.5 metres
  • Ship’s berths at 300 metres, water depth: 4.5 metres
  • Shipbuilding hall (37 metres high) with 2 overhead cranes (20 tonnes)
  • Combination shipbuilding cutting hall (30 metres high) with 2 overhead trolley cranes (3 tonnes) and ESAB CNC cutting machine
  • Covered launch hall (36 metres high)
  • Dockyard crane (jib slewing crane) with SWL 6.5 tonnes (20 metres) to 10 tonnes (12 metres), crane runway length: 120 metres
  • Dockyard crane (tower crane) with SWL 1.4 tonnes (42 metres) to 6 tonnes (12.3 metres)
  • Mobile cranes up to 500 t (telescopic truck cranes)
  • Workshops with all common shipbuilding disciplines
  • Material warehouse with all common shipbuilding materials
  • Vehicle fleet: 1 truck (7.5 tonnes) with 6 metre platform, 2 x 2.8 tonnes
  • Ample space for subcontractors and storage
  • Customer and subcontractor parking spaces