The Fairplay Towage Group

We operate in 23 European harbours and around the world

The FAIRPLAY TOWAGE GROUP is one of Europe’s leading tugboat operators. Our group of companies offers a variety of maritime services from a one-stop source. This includes tugboat and mooring services, salvage, coastal protection and accident prevention as well as traditional dockyard work, shipbuilding, repairs and steel work as well as property management.
The FAIRPLAY TOWAGE GROUP includes the Hamburg dockyard THEODOR BUSCHMANN and 50% participation in MULTRASHIP TOWAGE & SALVAGE in The Netherlands.
We have bases in 23 European harbours and offer our maritime services around the world. Our head office is in Hamburg and we also have offices in all important European ports such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Bremerhaven. Along the German North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts we operate in several smaller ports as well as in the Polish harbours of Szczecin, Świnoujście and Gdynia. This enables us to very flexibly respond to customer requests and to have a tugboat exactly where you need it within the shortest possible time. Our tugs also operate in the Mediterranean region.
With the merger between BUGSIER and FAIRPLAY TOWAGE in 2017, we strengthened our leading position for tugboat services in the European market. We flexibly deploy 105 tugs to safely escort the giant ships into and out of European harbours. We assist container ships and bulk carriers as well as passenger ships and large tankers.
Thanks to our long-standing involvement in the COAST PROTECTION coastal protection group, our ships are positioned at strategic locations in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. In an emergency, they can provide assistance within the shortest possible time in accordance with the German government’s emergency tugboat concept. Three of our tugboats and their crews have been chartered to the German government for this purpose.
THEODOR BUSCHMANN does smaller ship repairs in ports all over the world, and the larger ones in the Hamburg dockyard. And if wanted, our mobile team can stay on board during the crossing until the repairs have been completed. That way you can stay on course while we repair the ship.

Our locations

At home in Europe, on site for you worldwide

The FAIRPLAY TOWAGE GROUP, with its headquarters in Hamburg, has branches on the coasts of Northern Europe in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland. We have European offices in Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremerhaven and Rostock. We also operate in several smaller ports along the German Baltic coast and in the Polish ports of Szczecin, Świnoujście and Gdynia. There is another subsidiary in Bulgaria on the Black Sea. Wherever you need us, we will be there for you worldwide.

Our activities at a glance

Maritime services from a one-stop source


Whether helping with harbour tugboats, or towing in coastal regions or on the high seas – the FAIRPLAY TOWAGE GROUP’s modern fleet of tugboats operates for your ships in 23 European ports.


With our many years of experience we move oil drilling platforms, tow your docks and also lifting platforms for offshore wind energy. There are 5 offshore tugs and 9 sea-going tugs available for this purpose. All sail under German flag with German-speaking crews.


Quick help in case of distress at sea. With our tugboats stationed on the German coast and in other Northern European ports, we can provide assistance within a very short period of time within the framework of the COAST PROTECTION coastal protection group.


With our THEODOR BUSCHMANN dockyard we can offer all of the usual dockyard repair services. It specialises in onshore and offshore maintenance and steel construction work. We confidently deal with all common metalwork, anywhere in the world if required.


With our FAIRPLAY TOWAGE Mooring Service we moor you safely in harbour. In Bremerhaven, our team of 30 experienced dockers, with 11 IVECO mooring trucks and telescopic cranes, is ready to handle your orders efficiently.

Jobs at Fairplay Towage Group

Exciting jobs with a good outlook

Around 1,000 people work in the FAIRPLAY TOWAGE GROUP under the sign of the maritime economy. The jobs are technically demanding and varied, our teams are highly motivated and service-oriented. Whether on land, in harbour or offshore – we offer our employees long-term prospects, a wide range of further training courses and attractive, performance-related remuneration. As we operate throughout Europe and internationally, the employment options are very diverse. You would like to work at FAIRPLAY TOWAGE? Then take a look at our job adverts.