Fairplay – the name is our history and our philosophy

Our Quality Standards - for your Advantage

The Name Fairplay is deeply integrated in our company history, and based on the fair-play principle.

With the founder Carl Tidemann, the terminus “Fairplay” was introduced in 1895 by looking for a good well-known name in maritime industry, the “Fairplay Shipping Weekly” Newspaper was known on all ships calling Hamburg. As the captains had to order the tugs by their own, they would remember that easy name. This was the basis for the first new built tug called FAIRPLAY delivered 18th of October 1895.
Fairplay – decency and honesty – values which are still part of our company philosophy.

With Bugsier we further included an historic company founded in Hamburg.

Bugsier and their core values based in the history are easily described in a single sentence: “The small and bigger tugs of “Bugsier” with their crews are a guarantor for reliability, rapidity, ability, bravery and experience”
By implementing diverse policies like quality policy, environmental policy and health and safety, it was obvious to us to implement an equal opportunity policy and a code of conduct to our company.

QUALITY Management

  • The main aim of our company is to deliver quality in all stages to our clients. It’s proven with our history over a decade now, that we deliver the best utmost services and quality each time;
  • The Fairplay Towage Group is certified for over 20 years in accordance to the ISO 9001 standard;
  • The Quality we deliver is based on knowledge of over 150 year’s experience, the experience is a keystone of our own trained personnel and makes the difference in every day operations;

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  • The Fairplay Towage Group is committed to ensure its all activities have minimal impact upon the environment on all our operations, whether by operating our vessels with low Sulphur fuels or the use of hybrid tugs;
  • By implementing the ISO 14001 standard, we agreed on a zero spill policy and strive for continuous improvement of our environmental footprint on a daily basis;
  • By doing so, we even goes a step further in operating pollution control vessels for the German government; we show leadership and take over responsibility for our whole coastal protection to our country;

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  • As a maritime company, we implemented an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) based on ISO 45001 standards to identify and control health and safety risks in our company and operations;
  • We are committed to providing comprehensive training to our employees, ensuring their competence in safe practices, emergency procedures, hazard identification, and risk assessment specific to the maritime industry;
  • We established a continuous improvement process, including regular monitoring, internal audits, corrective actions, and compliance with relevant occupational health and safety regulations in the maritime sector, to enhance our safety performance.

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  • The sensitive use of energy sources is important for our company, so we were the first shipping company to implement ISO 50001 in 2015, and in 2020 we were also the first shipping company in Germany to implement the transition to the revised standard (ISO 50001:2018).
  • The use of renewable shore power at our piers has been a fundamental part of our company for many years.
  • Especially through our work in the oil and gas sector, we are required to conserve these natural resources.

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The various offshore industries, whether oil, gas or renewable energies are one of the most demanding industries in which we work. With active participation in specific customer-centric and utility-centric databases such as Achilles UNCE and MAGNET JQS, we disseminate information and our services directly to a broad portfolio of customers around the world.



As a member of the OCIMF, we regularly participate in customer-requested OVMSA audits for oil companies.

The high standard of the OVMSA and the continuous improvement process of our good results is also reflected in our fleet, which is checked by OVID and CMID audits. In order to achieve these important goals, we focus on good seamanship, training, a BBS system with active participation and continuous improvement in our daily work. We strive to deliver the highest possible quality for all our tasks. This should help to exceed our customer requirements, comply with our own specifications and thus minimize any negative impact on our environment.