Our fleet

Powerful modern tugboats

105 tugs in a variety of classes – our modern fleet is extremely diverse. Our towage companies FAIRPLAY TOWAGE have harbour and sea-going tugboats in operation, including Schottel-ASD (azimuth stern drive) tugs, tractor tugs, single and twin screw tugs, combination tugs, sea-going tugs, pusher boats, emergency tugs and tractor hybrid tugs. Each task places different demands on our high-performance tugboats, which we complete with many years of experience and competence.

Tugboats must always be ready for operation at all times. To guarantee this, FAIRPLAY TOWAGE has a strict internal repair and maintenance programme. It is not just the overhaul of main engines, auxiliary diesel engines, gearboxes or hydraulic systems which are part of this routine, but also the constant checking of the corrosion protection and paint coats. This is how we ensure that we can successfully assist your ships.